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Motor Mount Yanmar 150

Part #: Z5263


Original equipment motor mount for Yanmar diesel engines. Different weight requirements are possible for each mount.

Check the number embossed into the rubber and replace with like item. 100, 150, or 200 can be found embossed in the side of the rubber mount. This is the 150 model.


• Base details
     Width: 60mm (~2-3/8")
     Length overall fore and aft: 206mm (~8-1/8")
     Thickness: 6mm (~1/4")
• Mount hole details
     Center to center of mounting holes (one slot, one round): 172mm (~6-3/4")
     Width: Cleared for 10mm (~3/8") diameter lag screws
     Length of slot: 30mm (~1-3/16")
• Cover details
     Cover width (maximum width): 60mm (~2-3/8")
     Cover height: 76mm (~3")
• Bolt details
     Thread: 15mm
     Length: 70mm (~2-3/4")
     Nut socket size: 24mm
• Overall height: 150mm (~5-7/8")

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