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Exhaust Riser Thermal Jacket Only C-42 13-1/2"

Part #: T1995
For the Catalina 42, part #T1984, Exhaust Riser with 13-1/2" dimension from engine surface of flange to center of exhaust outlet.

If you have been hesitant to inspect you exhaust riser because you can't imagine how you are going to replace the nasty fiberglass wrap, you're not alone! Our new thermal jackets provide enhanced performance and a convenient means of periodically checking your exhaust riser condition. They are very easy to install after inspection.
Our jackets are prefabricated from multiple layers of high tech thermal protection including a 1/2" ceramic fabric core and silica cloth rated at 1800 degrees continuous. Smooth channels are sewn into the jackets to make installation using stainless steel tie bands a snap. Simply place the jacket around your exhaust riser, slip the bands through the channels, pull the bands snug and snip off the excess.

When it is time to inspect your riser, just snip the stainless bands and perform the inspection. Reinstall the jacket using new bands. We carry a supply of replacement bands for just this purpose. The initial set of stainless tie bands are included with the purchase of the jacket.

CAUTION! This exhaust riser jacket must be used when installing a new exhaust riser. Installing a riser without a thermal jacket is an extreme fire hazard that could cause death or serious injury and the complete loss of your boat.

2) Due to the extreme fire hazard, you
must purchase an appropriate Thermal Jacket on the same order as the exhaust riser.

Never run your engine without a properly installed Thermal Jacket. In every Catalina installation there are combustible materials close enough to the riser to start a fire.

4) We cannot overstate or take responsibility for the extreme danger inherent in an inboard engine's exhaust installation. We strongly recommend you have an experienced boat yard perform exhaust system repair or replacement.