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Exhaust Riser Yanmar Equipped
C-42 12-1/2"

Part #: T1990
Exhaust riser for a Catalina 42 equipped with a Yanmar diesel engine. Type 316 stainless steel, passivated inside and out by electropolishing.

• Fits exhaust hose: 2" ID
• Fits raw water hose: 1" ID
• Rise from center of flange to center of tube at top of rise: 11-1/2"
• From engine surface of flange to center of exhaust outlet: 12-1/2"
• Overall dimension of flange: 3" square
• Center to center of adjacent flange mounting holes: 2-1/4"
1) CAUTION! This exhaust riser must be used with a properly installed thermal jacket. Installing a riser without a thermal jacket is an extreme fire hazard that could cause death or serious injury and the complete loss of your boat.

2) Due to the extreme fire hazard, you
must purchase the appropriate Thermal Jacket on the same order as the exhaust riser.

Never run your engine without a properly installed Thermal Jacket. In every Catalina installation there are combustible materials close enough to the riser to start a fire. We cannot overstate or take responsibility for the extreme danger inherent in an inboard engine's exhaust installation. We strongly recommend you have an experienced boat yard perform exhaust system repair or replacement.

4) This item does not conform to the shipping table in the Shopping Cart. Additional shipping must be calculated. When you place your order we always call with a shipping quote before billing your card. For a quote in advance, just call 800/959-7245.

5) Catalina Yachts reports that the 12-1/2" offset from engine flange to center of outlet offered by this part should fit most Catalina 42's equipped with a Yanmar engine. However, they believe a few boats were produced with a 13-1/2" offset. We have been unable to discover why this change was introcuced, but it is likely that the position of the muffler was slightly different when the two different risers were installed.
Be careful! Measure your existing riser before ordering this part. If yours is one of the few boats originally equipped with 13-1/2" riser, it may be necessary to shift your muffler forward as far as possible to accommodate this riser that has a 1" shorter offset.