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Exhaust Riser Yanmar Equipped
C-42 13-1/2"

Part #: T1984
Exhaust riser for a Catalina 42 equipped with a Yanmar diesel engine.
• Fits exhaust hose: 2" ID
• Fits raw water hose: 1" ID
• Rise from center of flange to center of tube at top of rise: 11-1/2"
• From engine surface of flange to center of exhaust outlet: 13-1/2"
• Overall dimension of flange: 3" square
• Center to center of adjacent flange mounting holes: 2-1/4"

1) Catalina Yachts reports that the 12-1/2" offset from engine flange to center of outlet should fit most Catalina 42's equipped with a Yanmar engine. However, they believe a few boats were produced with risers that had a 13-1/2" offset. There isn't any reason we have been able to discover as to why this difference was introduced. Be careful! Measure your existing riser before ordering this custom made part. If your riser doesn't match the dimensions found below under "More Images" below please see our other Catalina 42 Exhaust Riser part #T1990, we offer pictured below.

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