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Fuel Tank Sending Unit 13" Stainless C-28 MkII, C-320 (28 Gal), C-42 (34 Gal)

Part #: Z3530
This type 316 stainless steel fuel gauge sender eliminates most of the moving parts found in other designs. Level measurements are done by series of hermetically sealed reed switches positioned inside the main shaft of the sensor. A float with built-in magnets then triggers the switches, generating electrical resistance that the fuel meter reads as the position of the float in the tank. These are the same high quality senders we use in all of our new fuel tanks. Includes gasket.
The advantage of reed switch type level sender over thick-film swing arm type level sender is the reed switch's durability and reliability. Switches used in the reed switch level senders are able to perform over 50 million actuation cycles, more than 5 times that of thick-film resistors. Additionally in reed switch level senders the float is the only moving part of the sensor, thereby minimizing potential mechanical failures. The sender is fully insulated to protect against spark and voltage inside the tank.

• Mounting hole pattern: SAE 5 hole
• Length: 13"
• Resistance: 240-33 ohms

Normal usage:
• Tank number: Z2863
• Tank number: T2049

Boat Models:
• Catalina 28 MkII (with 28 gallon fuel tank)
• Catalina 320 (with 28 gallon fuel tank)
• Catalina 42 (with 34 gallon fuel tank)
1) Please note that the hole pattern is not symmetrical. The original sending unit had a long float arm which needed to be oriented in a direction that kept it away from the tank sides. The asymmetrical hole pattern established this orientation because the unit could only be mounted in the one position that aligned all the holes. Even though this unit looks like it could be mounted in any orientation the holes in the tank are still asymmetrical. When installing this unit be careful to align them such that the holes in the gasket, the sending unit, and the tank all match.

2) This is not a universal sender. Its length must match the depth of your tank. Measure the depth of your tank at the sender or compare your tank to our tank number Z2863 or T2049 shown below in the section titled "May we also suggest" to ensure you have the tank we expect before ordering the sender.