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Hatch Gasket, Lewmar 27-3/8" x 27-3/8" & Trapezoidal Roll Stop <-1992

Part #: Z4794
Replacement gasket for Lewmar Roll Stop forward hatch. Lewmar has discontinued the original equipment gasket for the trapezoidal hatch, so this longer gasket for a larger hatch must be modified to fit. It must be cut and shortened such that the notches provided for the hinges align with the hatch. Glue the ends together with the glue below

This gasket is made for the Lewmar 27-3/8" x 27-3/8" Rollstop hatch. It seals the lid to the deck flange.
The hatch for which this gasket was intended was never used on Catalinas, but is larger than the earlier trapezoidal Rollstop hatches that were used on Catalinas. The gasket for the trapezoidal Rollstop hatches is no longer available, so this one is the one that must be used.

Known Usage (for the trapezoidal Roll Stop hatch):

• Catalina 34
• Catalina 36
• Catalina 42

There may be other instances where this hatch is used. It is also possible that not every boat described above used this hatch. Please use the dimensions above and the photos below to verify which hatch is actually installed on your boat.

For Lewmar Rollstop hatches manufactured from 1986 through 1992. This hatch can be identified by the lack of friction levers and a hinge that clicks into place supporting the lid at several different angels.
• Outside of lid: 27-3/8" x 27-3/8"

Please note that these hatches are built in England and made to metric system standard dimensions.
Lewmar Size 70 Rollstop (only available replacement gasket for Size 65 Rollstop)