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C-42 Standing Rigging Set Trim-2-Fit '98->

Part #: T2048
Standing rigging kit for the Catalina 42 built after April of 1998, hull numbers 637 and later for both in mast furling rigs, full batten mainsails, and in boom furling rigs. That said, we have seen replacement rigs in the field so double check to make sure the fittings shown match your rigging.

Our kit includes all new chromed bronze turnbuckles, user installed compression style fittings, cotter pins and turnbuckle lubricant. This special kit is designed to be used when it is impossible to determine the rigging length required in advance. Includes required loctite for installation of the special compression fittings.
Marine eyes or stem balls with cup washers are pre-swaged to the top of every wire. User installed compression style studs at the bottom of every shroud and stay allow the customer or rigger to custom fit the rigging to length as needed during commissioning. Simple hand tools are all that are required.

We use only type 316 stainless steel wire for superior corrosion resistance.

• (1) Forestay w/Marine Eye top fittings with special thrust washer and instructions
• (1) Backstay w/Marine Eye top fittings
• (2) Upper Shrouds w/Stem Balls & Cup Washers top fittings
• (2) Intermediate Shrouds w/Stem Balls top fittings
• (2) Lower Shrouds w/Stem Balls top fittings
• (8) User installed compression style studs
• (8) Turnbuckle bodies
• (8) T-bolts with toggles, clevis and cotter pins
• (4) Loctite
• (1) Turnbuckle lubricant
1) This item does not conform to the shipping table in the Shopping Cart. Additional shipping must be calculated. When you place your order we always call with a shipping quote before billing your card. For a quote in advance, just call 800/959-7245.

2) This rigging is made to order just for you. When you order it we cut the wire from a long reel and swage on the fitting. We can't splice it back onto the reel or remove the fitting we swaged on for you. Once you order it your order cannot be canceled, modified, returned, or exchanged, so please choose carefully!
  • Why must I purchase shrouds in pairs when only one is damaged?

    Since new rigging stretches, replacing only one of a pair of shrouds will make it difficult to keep your rig in tune.

  • How often must I tune my new rigging?

    You should “pre flight” and “post flight” your rig before and after every sail. Every time you sail in more wind than you have sailed in previously with your new rigging, it must be re-tuned.

  • How long does standing rigging last?

    Since rigging fails inside of the end fittings where they cannot be inspected, prudence dictates that standing rigging be replaced every seven years for boats sailed in salt water, every ten years for those sailed in fresh water.

  • Are Trim-2-Fit terminals really strong enough?

    Yes. Many world cruisers use this type of fitting on both ends of their standing rigging. If anything happens en route to Tahiti, it can be repaired aboard without special tools. Production builders don't use them because it would add tens of thousands of dollars to their annual costs.

  • But isn't Trim-2-Fit more expensive?

    Maybe. The user installed end fittings are more expensive. But you’re only buying one per shroud. You also save the cost of shipping your old rigging and potentially hundreds of dollars in yard fees. If you avoid unstepping the mast or hiring a rigger you’ll save much more.

  • How do I cut the wire to length?

    Use either a bypass style cutter designed for stainless or an appropriate cut-off wheel on a Dremel tool. Do not use a bolt cutter that drives a blade into an anvil. It will munch up the end of the wire terribly.

Technical Support

Rigging Compression Fittings in Trim-2-Fit Kits
Step by step details to help your rerigging project go smoothly.
User Installed Compression Fitting Video

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