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Head Mixer Faucet C-42 Pullman

Part #: Z4179
Head faucet. Chrome plated brass with chromed spout tube. Thread Type 1/2" Female.

A typical use for this faucet is in the forward head of a Catalina 42 Pullman cabin. The shower is in its own compartment separate from the rest of the head. The vanity sink has its own dedicated faucet. Two earlier faucets, by Grohe and Wilcox are no longer made.
• Overall base diameter: 1-3/4"
• Designed for cutout: 1-1/4"
• Carefully installed and centered over the cutout, will work in a cutout as large as 1-5/8"
• Overall height, mounting surface to top of spout: 4-3/4"
• Connection hoses: 8" long
• Connection: Thread Type 1/2" female NPT thread
• Overall width (including knobs): 5-1/2"
• Edge of base (side closest to you) to tip of nozzle overhang: approx. 3-1/4"
• Faucet body with knobs, valve bodies, and aerator
• O-ring to seal base to countertop
• Mounting washer and rubber washer for below the countertop
• Flexible hot and cold supply hoses with male thread for valve body
• Threaded mounting stud and brass nut
1) Remember that a 1/2" pipe thread does not measure 1/2". Measured with a caliper, the female thread measures closer to 3/4".

2) Customers report that this new low lead fixture has hoses that are a few inches shorter than the old soldered coper tubing. In most cases there has been enough extra supply hose in the boat to accommodate the shorter hose. If there isn't enough slack in the boat's supply hoses, you may find it necessary to replace those hoses with longer lengths.

3) The overhang dimension will not accurately inform you of whether or not the faucet will overspray the side of the sink, as the water exits the nozzle at an angle. If you are retrofitting this from a different design faucet, you will need to allow for this.

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