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Fresh Water Manifold Kit C-42 4 Valve 1/2" Gray Tubing

Part #: T1966
For a Catalina 42 equipped with four fresh water tanks. Retrofits to existing 1/2" gray tubing (5/8" outside diameter). Will not fit blue 15mm tubing.
Your existing 5/8" tubing from the water tanks insert directly into the four quick fitting equipped elbows on the left in the photo. A seal is achieved using an "O" ring that seals to the outside circumference of the tubing. Simply push the tubing into the quick fitting until it stops. Snap a small black collet clip behind the locking collar to secure the tubing in place. You're done! All of the fittings and mounting brackets pictured are included. The kit even comes with a new strainer.

If your boat has dark gray fresh water hoses, then this manifold will fit your Catalina 42.

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