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Quick Connect Elbow, 1/2" Female Tube x 1/2" Male Thread

Part #: T1987
This plastic elbow can be found on the fresh water tank of some Catalina 320's and Catalina 42's. It threads into the female fitting in the tank and quick connects to the gray rigid tubing used in the fresh water system of these boats.
The seal to the gray rigid tubing is accomplished through use of an O-ring which seals against the OD of the tubing. The tubing is held into the quick connect fitting by stainless steel gripping teeth. Push the locking collet squarely against the body of the quick connect fitting and the tubing can be released. If your boat has dark gray fresh water hoses, then this elbow was used on your boat.

• Configuration: Elbow
• Male thread: 1/2" NPT (National Pipe Tapered Thread)
• Quick connect: 1/2" rigid gray tubing (outside diameter is 5/8")
• Typical tubing: Solid gray, rigid tubing

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