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Seacock 3/4" Flush, 90 Degree, Dual Hose Barbs

Part #: Z5342
This 3/4" seacock valve became standard equipment on many Catalinas towards the end of 1993. This valve is configured with a flush through hull fitting and two 3/4" 90 degree barbs in the "standard" direction (opposite side of the handle). These valves are pressure tested when they are assembled and should not be disassembled except in an emergency. Comes as a complete assembly including the seacock and through hull with matching buttress threads. You can often reuse the existing through hull fitting if it too had buttressed threads.

Molded Marelon offers superior strength and corrosion resistance. Marelon is lightweight, corrosion and electrolysis free, ideal for thru-hull valves. Marelon is a modern material formulation of polymer composite compounds that uses resins and additives to produce an extremely strong marine-grade product that will not deteriorate like traditional bronze marine plumbing parts. Ideal for above and below the waterline applications.
Know usage: (there may have been others):
• Catalina 27 (early) retrofit: Eliminate the "tee" and multiple hose clamps to upgrade from old gate valve or ball valve to seacock. Serves both sink drain and head intake.
• Catalina 30: One valve serves both the head intake and head sink drain.
• Catalina 320: Serves both head intake and shower sump overboard discharge.
• Valve configuration: Two 90 degree elbow hose 3/4" barbs
• Rotation: Standard (with the valve vertical and the handle toward you, the hose barbs point away from you)
• Height from base to top of handle when valve is open (maximum height not including wood mounting ring): 4-3/4"
• King nut diameter: 3-1/8"
• Thru-hull minor diameter: 1-9/32"
• Thru-hull major diameter: 1-23/32"
• Thru-hull outside diameter: 1-3/32"
• Thru-hull inside diameter: 5/8"
• Thru-hull length overall: 3"
• Thread type: Buttress

The thru-hull uses a buttress style thread with 45 degree angled threads for exceptional strength and are not compatible with any other valves. A buttress thread design with the same amount of clearance as for a conventional pipe thread will give the impression of greater looseness. However, when the joint is taken up tight, there is a greater area of surface between threads with the buttress thread form creating greater load capacity. Like any threaded pipe assembly thread compound or Teflon tape applied to the threads is required.
1) If your through hull has a mushroom through hull and it needs to be replaced as well, order Thru Hull Mushroom for 1/2" or 3/4" Seacock listed below in "May we also suggest".

Each valve is factory assembled and pressure tested. We cannot be responsible for valves disassembled and modified or reassembled improperly.

The buttress thread on these seacocks is not compatible with and will not work with a traditional through hull thread type. The seacock and through hull fitting must be replaced in sets at the same time.

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