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Lifeline Deluxe Kit, Dbl Gate, No Vinyl, C-42

Part #: T1965
For your safety and the safety of your crew, inspect your lifelines regularly. If they are over 10 years old, replace them. Corrosion inside of old end terminals will cause failure at the worst time.
We make it easy to replace your old lifelines. We use only non-magnetic type 316 corrosion resistant stainless wire (not the usual type 304) without vinyl coating, as preferred by offshore sailors.
Our Catalina 42 kit includes modern snap shackle inspired pelican hooks at the gates. The highest quality pelican hook available is also the easiest design to open and close. Just squeeze and it snaps shut. The long lever makes it easy to tension the lifeline as you close the pelican hook.

We make installation simple. Detailed instructions are included to explain how the hand tools are used to cut and complete the pre-swaged wires. You cut and install the other ends to match the dimensions of your boat.

The assembly includes the tools needed for installation. Trim the wire to length with the stainless cable cutters. Install the last end fitting on each wire. The included hand swage tool, used before by the owners like yourself, may be returned for a refund.

The wire diameter is 3/16""
1) All of our lifeline kits now include a high quality Japanese made bypass type wire cutter. Note: This is a compact tool that will therefore require two hands and all you can grunt to cut the robust 3/16 inch stainless lifeline cable.

If you would like larger cutters that take less effort to use, consider our #Z5542 13" cutters below under "May we also suggest". Call in your order if you want a "package deal" which includes the larger cutters. Remember: for offshore sailing, having cutters aboard that will cut away rigging after a dismasting is considered required equipment.

If you don’t want to use hand cutters, you might prefer using a Dremel tool with an appropriate cut-off wheel.

Always use safety goggles when cutting stainless steel wire!

2) This item does not conform to the shipping table in the Shopping Cart. Additional shipping must be calculated. When you place your order we always call with a shipping quote before billing your card. For a quote in advance, just call 800/959-7245.

3) The length of this item is based on the original factory specifications. However, the previous owner, like Captain Jack Sparrow, may have had an entirely different idea about how to rig a boat! Please confirm this is the correct length for your particular boat. We cut it from a long length and can't splice it back together again. Your order cannot be canceled, returned or exchanged, but, like Jack, you may have a different idea of what you can use it for!

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