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Foot Block, Single, C-380 & C-390

Part #: M9213
Stainless steel single foot block for the Catalina 380 and 390, may have been used on other boat models like the Catalina 375.

It is important that a foot block be very strong. Since the genoa sheet typically enters a genoa car at about 45 degrees, the load applied to a genoa car is only about 30% of the load on the sheet. But a foot block, because it is mounted aft of the winch and turns the sheet 180 degrees, must withstand 200% of the load on the sheet.
Approximate Dimensions:
• Length: 8"
• Width: 3-3/4"
• Height: 1-1/2"
• Bolt diameter: 3/8", carriage bolts (included)
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