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Outhaul Car Rebuild Kit Lewmar Std Duty

Part #: Z4355
Is your Lewmar outhaul car in the same condition as the one pictured below? Is time to sell your boat but you can't because the outhaul car is on its last leg? Then this standard duty rebuild kit is for you. If you plan on keeping the boat and want to make furling and un-furling much earlier, read the "Warning & Notes" tabs to the right.
Diameter (major): 55mm (~2-1/8")
Diameter (minor): 42mm (~1-5/8")
Inside diameter: 11.25mm (~7/16")
Width: ~36mm (~1-7/16")

Diameter: .11mm (~7/16")
Length: 36.7mm (~1-7/16")
All of the parts you should need to rebuild the car and make it completely serviceable again are included in the kit. For use on boats equipped with in-mast furling and a Lewmar 30mm wide track and Lewmar car.
• 100 new 8mm (~5/16") ball bearings (your original car had about 84, so there are some included to loose)
• A replacement pair of end caps
• End cap screws, 4 ea 5mm x 20mm
• New sheave
• New sheave spindle
• Flat head spindle screw, 8mm x 16mm, 2 ea for newer car
• Round head spindle screw, 8mm x 11mm, 2 ea for older car
• 8mm flat washers, 2 ea
• Custom thrust washers, 8mm, 2 ea
• Loctite
This is an extremely high load application and yet this sheave, like your original, has no bearings. Although completely serviceable, this is one reason why is is difficult to furl and un-furl your main. Note that the complete car assembly has not been available for at least the last five years, if not longer.

If you are keeping your boat, we highly recommend upgrading your boat by choosing one of the two kits below under "May we also suggest":

A) The
Z4356 rebuild kit. This kit replaces parts that were deficient in the original car with parts designed to operate with less friction. Upgrades your existing car and sheave without replacing the track. Rather than the high friction bushing used in the original car, it features high load needle bearings instead making furling and deploying your mains'l easier.

B) The Z3660 rebuild kit. This assembly is a much more robust replacement. Its extra large sheave runs on high load Torlon needle bearings in addition to Torlon bearings in the car. It is more expensive but you will thank us every time you have to furl your mains'l.

You must load new bearings into the car with the car nearly all the way onto the track. You will want someone to hold a towel under the boom to catch dropped balls as you load them into the car.

Note: Z4355 is a stock part, so you may return it per of standard return policy. However, the kit contains many unique parts, all of which are required to make a complete kit. They are made in England so we can't purchase the parts individually. If you return the kit minus even one of the parts, the kit is effectively trash and cannot be resold. If the kit is returned incomplete no refund will be offered. We have provided all of the dimensions so you can determine if this kit will work for you in advance of ordering. Please choose carefully.