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C-42 Mast Collar Pin

Part #: T2134
Catalina 42 Mast collar pin with nut for use with halyard lift blocks. Used on later Catalina 42's, mast without a spinnaker/whisker pole track that is molded in the face of the mast as part of the extrusion, with either in mast furling or non-furling rigs.
Used on:
• C-36 w/in-mast furling (section F560-E) and collar A8286 (Charleston Spars)
• C-42 w/in-mast furling (section F760-E) and collar A8286 (Charleston Spars)
• C-42 w/non-furling mast (section F740) and collar A8286 (Charleston Spars)
• Thread: 3/8"
• Pin diameter (large): 9/16", length: 1"
• Pin diameter (small): 15/32", length: 11/16"
• Hole diameter, for block, is drilled for 5/16" pin
• Overall height: 2"
• Nut, measured flat to flat, or required width of opening in base of collar: 9/16"
• Nut, height, or required height of opening in base of collar: 1/4"

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