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Hatch Gasket, Lewmar Ocean Series

Part #: M9115
Lewmar Ocean Series hatch gasket.
Known Usage - forward hatch on:
• Catalina 400
• Catalina 440
• Catalina 445

As Catalina introduces new models, it is likely there will be other boats that use this same hatch. There may be other instances where this was used. It is also the case that not every boat described above used these. Please verify that your boat used a Lewmar
Coastline series hatch matching the dimensions above.

Over time the friction lever may loose it's ability to hold the lid due to a combination fatigue of the spring and wear to the friction surfaces.
Lewmar Size 70 Ocean C-445

Fits the Lewmar square hatches with these overall dimensions (measured on the outside of the boat):
• Port to Starboard: 697mm (~27.5")
• Fore to aft: 697mm (~27.5")
• Height off deck 31mm (~1-1/4")