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Javadrip, 30 oz Shatter Resistant, Insulated Drip Coffee Maker

Part #: Z4676
The aroma of brewed coffee in the morning somehow makes everything perfect while you wait for the fog to lift. The JavaDrip brings the ease and familiarity of your home coffee maker to wherever you may anchor. Thanks to the unique silicone drip cone that nests inside the lightweight, shatter-resistant carafe, the JavaDrip is easy to stow aboard. The sleeve insulates both your hands and your coffee, so it stays warm throughout the morning.
• Double-walled, insulated lid and ballistic nylon-wrapped cozy hold in temperature while brewing and serving.
• Silicone drip cone locks to lid while brewing and sits upright when removed to prevent spills
• Drip cone collapses to nest within carafe for compact packing and storage
• Includes easy-to-clean, reusable cloth filter. Just rinse and repeat.
• BPA-free carafe is lightweight and shatter-resistant, allowing you to enjoy drip coffee aboard.
I enjoy my morning routine of making coffee to help get my day going. This handy system allows for fresh coffee on the go. Some heat for hot water is all that is needed for your on the spot, no matter how remote, fresh dripped coffee.

Having played with the unit with our team in the break room I envision grinding and pre measuring a few bags of coffee to have available for a weekend aboard or for a day sail on a chilly day. I can see bringing extras as you may or may not be surprised as to how many friends you will make with the smell of fresh coffee as our break room filled as the aroma lofted to the rest of the shop.

As an side note, I found that removing the nylon cosy to see how much water to add depending on the number lining up is helpful. The actual drip process is rather short and clean up was a snap allowing for a quick transition to the next round of fresh coffee.

I am sure you and yours will enjoy having the ability to make fresh coffee afforded by this compact clever unit.

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