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Stacking Spice Rocket

Part #: Z4675
Three large, twin-chamber modules are watertight and screw onto each other to provide you with six independent flavor options.
• Sealed lid and modules screw together to keep spices dry and flavorful
• Interior dispenser caps include single sided screens that twist into position and remove easily for cleaning
• Convenient filler cap stores below the base and makes it easy to refill any of the compartments
• Clever modular design is infinitely expandable to carry any number of spices
• Clear copolyester resin body is lightweight, clear and resilient
• Includes labels for a variety of spices
I am not one of those sailors that thinks a can of pork and beans is a good meal on board. Every trip to my boat is a special experience, and the food needs to reflect that. I actually prepare delicious meals for myself and my friends while on my boat. Toward that end, a good cook always has an array of spices and seasonings at their command. While in the cockpit grilling a tri-tip on the barbie, my spice rocket allows me to be free of juggling half a dozen spice containers and also doesn't take up much of my precious storage space. Whether it's homemade spaghetti or a grilled tri-tip roast with all of the trimmings, I can season most any meal with the assortment of spices the spice rocket can store.

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