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Hinge, Dinette Table

Part #: Z4445
Many of the 5 series boats have a very handy dinette table design that folds into itself to shift sizes. In order for the leaves to fold 180 degrees, lie back onto the table, and yet not have hinges that protrude above the surface of the table, a special hinge design is required.
This double knuckle design provides the required 180 degree rotation and, being flush mounted, makes the table completely flat when folded open.

Unfortunately, if a 200 pound guest exits the dinette by lifting his weight off of the cushion using support from the outboard corner of the leaf, there is so much leverage that he may actually stretch the hinge. If that happens, the leaf droops at an angle causing spilled drinks when they start to slide off of the leaf. We offer these replacements for just this occasion.

Sold per pair C-355, C-385, C-425, C-445

• Overall length (open) 70.5mm (~2.78")
• Width: 38.1mm (1-1/2"")
• Thickness: 1.5mm (~.06")