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Table Telescoping Pedestal Parts Kit

Part #: Z4464
This kit Includes four replacement parts for interior dinette tables:
• Top locking sleeve
• Bottom support sleeve
• Gray clamping knob for table support casting
• Brass metric nut to match the knob's threaded stud.

The parts only fit pedestals with the fluted pedestal tube. They must also be labeled with the name "Zwaardvis" on the gray knob as well as the pedestal support casting on the bottom of the table.

The diameter of the upper portion of the post should be approximately 2-5/16" for this kit to work on your boat.These parts are only offered in a kit as described. No other replacement parts are available in the U.S. Unfortunately, unless you want to sponsor a trip to the Netherlands, we have been unable to locate any technical drawings, additional information or advise regarding these pedestals.
Brass nut:
• OD: 17mm (0.662")
• ID: 9mm (0.351")
• Thread: 3/8"-24

Clamping knob:
• Diameter of head: 60mm (2.384")
• Thickness of head (knurled): 22mm (0.884")
• Thickness of head (including shoulder): 31mm (1.237")
• Thread: 3/8"-24 x 1"

Top locking sleeve:
• OD: 70mm (2.766")
• ID: 61mm (2.407")
• Thickness: 5mm (0.238")
• Flange thickness: 9mm (0.347")
• Height: 80mm (3.138")

Bottom support sleeve:
• OD: 70mm (2.760")
• ID: 60mm (2.349")
• Thickness: 5mm (0.214")
• Height: 51mm (1.998")

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