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Gate Stanchion Tapered w/ vent for C-42 & C-445 Stbd Fwd or Port Aft

Part #: T1957
Tapered gate stanchion w/vent on support leg for the Catalina 42 & Catalina 445. The support leg of this stanchion is parallel to the main leg.
Catalina started using this gate stanchion around 2001. It is mounted flat on deck with 1/4" carriage bolts. This stanchion is used at the forward starboard position and on aft port position on deck. The drawn base creates a much stronger connection to the tube as it allows for welds on both sides of the plate, at the top of the flage and the bottom of the tube. Base material is thicker 5/32" plate rather than the original 1/8".

Used aboard some Catalina 42's and Catalina 445's in these locations:
• Forward starboard gate stanchion
• Aft port gate stanchion
• Tapered main stanchion
• Main stanchion and support stanchions are parallel
• Tank vent included on the support leg
• Tubing diameter: 1"
• Overall height w/o base: 27-1/2"
• Drawn base with tubing welded top and bottom for additional strength
• Stronger 5/32" thick base

Note: A vented gate stanchion will have a small vent hole drilled in the tube just above the round mounting base of the support leg.
You must confirm whether or not you boat's vents are in the same locations as the vents on these stanchions. Different vintages of boats and different interior layouts used vents in different locations. There are no records as to which stanchions were used on your hull number, so only you can verify that you are ordering the correct part.