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Hiking Strap 3 Slot Retainer Plate

Part #: C1019
Used on the inside of the transom, this plate fastens to the boat with the same two bolts that secure the bottom gudgeon to the outside of the transom. The hiking strap is woven through the three slots to secure it, yet it can be adjusted again later. Used on the Omega 14, Capri 14.2, and Coronado 15.
• Overall width: 2-7/8"
• Height: about 7/8"
• Length: 2-1/4"
• Slot, length and width: 2-1/4" x 1/4"
• Fastener holes: 2" on center, cleared for #10 fasteners (not included)
• Hole for centerboard shock cord attachment: about 5/16"