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Tiller Head O-14, CP-14.2, C-15, CP-16.5, 1" Diameter Tiller

Part #: Z3966
Stainless steel universal tiller head for the Omega 14, Capri 14.2, Coronado 15, and Capri 16.5 with a 1" diameter tiller with either a kick up or fixed rudder.
• Stainless steel tiller head
• Tiller fasteners: 3 bolts and nylock nuts
• Tiller head to rudder fasteners: bolt with wing nut
• Tiller shims: Pair of wider shims and one narrower shim
• Rudder shims: Pair of thick shims for fixed rudder, Pair of thinner shims for kick up rudder head
• Bolt with bushing and nylock nut (used on kick up rudders as a landing for adjusting tiller angle)
1) Only one or the other of the pairs of thicker or thinner shims will be used depending on the type of rudder on your boat.

2) The shims are supplied with double sided tape to allow them to be held in place while holes are drilled for the fasteners.

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