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Owner's Manual, CY-13

Part #: G1621
Owners manual for the Cyclone 13. This is the large 8-1/2" x 11" version with lots of great information and specifications for your Cyclone 13. 22 pages in total and pre hole punched for your personal binder. Binder not include. Includes a price list.

With Catalina yachts having built two identical length boats, some customers are confused as to whether they own a Cyclone 13 or a Capri 13. For clarification, the earlier Cyclone 13 had an unusual mast with its width being greater than its fore and aft dimension. In addition it utilized a forestay. On deck it had a teak splash rail. The Capri 13 on the other hand was equipped with a totally round mast very similar to a Laser. It has no shrouds or stays and no teak splash rail on deck.