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Jib Halyard Wire Block
O-14, CP-14.2 <-2010, C-15

Part #: C1037
This simple jib halyard block was used on the Omega 14 as well as the early Capri 14.2 and the Coronado 15. It is designed to be used with 3/32" wire. Some owners have switched to modern hi-tech line as an alternative to the wire.
Unfortunately this was a custom made block used only on these three boats. The Omega 14 and Coronado 15 have been out of production for years. The current production Capri 14.2 now uses a different spar and different block that is not compatible.

We had a handful of these blocks fabricated in order to match the original hole pattern. This makes them a bit pricey, but at least you don't have to drill even more holes in an area of the mast that is under high load and has several holes already.

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