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Ratcheting Block 2-1/4" for 3/8" Line

Part #: Z3824
Ratcheting block for up to 3/8" diameter line. This block ratchets when under tension and spins freely when it's not. In heavy wind it assists you by helping to hold the tension of the sheet. When you need to ease the sheet, the line slips over the sheave In light winds, when there is little tension on the sheet, the ratchet doesn't engage. This allows your sheet to run freely in light air.
Composite frame with ball bearings for smooth operation. Typically used in our double-ended mainsheet system for boats like the Catalina 22. Also used as the primary mainsheet block mounted on a swivel base on boats equipped with a barney post. These boats include some Omega 14's, the Capri 14.2, and the Coronado 15. It is also a perfect choice for a Capri 16, Capri 18, or Catalina 22 when the boat is equipped with a mid-cockpit barney post.

• Double ended mainsheet systems
• Mounted on a swivel base which is then fastened on top of a barney post

• Shackle pin diameter: 3/16"
• Sheave diameter: 2-1/4"
• Maximum line size: 3/8"
• Bearings: Delrin
• Safe working load: 500 pounds
• Break load: 2000 pounds