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Masthead Fitting w/ Adaptor, Original Rigs, O-14, CP-16.5

Part #: HI2067
The masthead for early OEM spars are no longer available. All Omega 14's as well as the original Capri 16.5 (until hull #1050 in 2010 which was then equipped with Seldén rig) can use this retrofit masthead. Instead of incurring the expense of a whole new rig for the lack of a masthead, we have assembled this kit to retrofit a new masthead to the original spars. This kit works with an adapter and includes screws to fasten to the original spar.
Possible usage:
• Omega 14
• Capri 16.5 before hull #1050
Height above mast: 39mm (~1-1/5")
Sheave diameter: 21mm (~7/8")
Clevis pin diameter: 4mm (~1/8")
Clevis pin grip: 15.75mm (~5/8")
Max line size: 6mm (~1/4")
To prevent galling, lubricate all stainless steel threads with a thread lubricant like the one we offer below under "May we also suggest".

May we also suggest