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Masthead Plug,
CPE 12.5 & CPE-14.2 <-2009

Part #: J8048
Capri Expo 12.5 & 14.2 masthead plug. This plug has been redesigned so that it can be installed on the sail without having to cut the webbing, which was required on some of those used on the early boats. Holds the top of the sail to the mast so that the mast does not rotate independently from the sail.
• Diameter, top portion: 1-1/4"
• Diameter, lower portion that inserts into mast: 0.53"
• Height, overall: 1-3/4"
• Height, top portion: 3/4"
• Slot width for webbing: 3/4"
In 2009 the mast supplier was changed and as a result a different cap was required. Call our technical support line should your cap not match the dimensions listed for this item by clicking the "Tech Support" link below.

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