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Batten Set CP-16.5

Part #: HI2021
Batten set for the Capri 16.5 mainsail.

Your sailmaker just may have decided on a different length. Since sails are hand made, it is likely the individual batten will need to be trimmed to fit. We include end cap and glue so you can trim to just the right length for your sail.

Set of three pultruded fiberglass battens.
• Width: 5/8"
• Thickness: 1/8"
Lengths expected:
• 1 @ 43-1/2"
• 1 @ 34"
• 2 @ 39"
Lengths provided:
• 2 @ 44-1/2"
• 2 @ 40"
These lengths are longer than the nominal length specified for the Capri 16.5. Since sails are made by hand, we supply extra length so you can trim to a proper fit for your individual sail. In addition, we provide two lengths greater than required for either, so if you loose one, another will suffice. End caps are supplied loose so you can trim, then install the caps with the super glue provided.