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Handheld Pop Rivet Gun

Part #: Z2943
Sets 3/32" to 3/16" diameter aluminum or stainless steel rivets. All steel construction. Includes service wrench and locking tab.

A must for your on-board tool kit. Rivets have many advantages over screws.
Why are they better than traditional self tapping or machine screws in aluminum?
• Stronger.
• Faster and easier to install.
• Faster and easier to remove.
• Just drill them out using the same size bit used for installation. Compare to removing a screw welded to the surrounding metal by corrosion.
• Will not loosen over time.
• Tamper resistant.
• No sharp points inside the spar to chafe internal halyards or outhaul.
• Best of all they are installed blind. No nut required. No interior access required. Perfect for installing hardware to your mast or boom.