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Chainplate Eyebolt Kit

Part #: D101
Included in our Catalina 22 chainplate kit are eyebolts that are both stronger and an improved design compared to the original. They address three problems.
The three problems are addressed by this retrofit are:

1) New 1/2" eyebolts are much stronger than the original 3/8" version. More than one mast has been lost when the original 3/8" bolts failed.

2) The original eyebolts will twist in the deck. This causes the seal between the eyebolt and the deck to fail. Since the deck has a marine plywood core, water entering at the eyebolt can cause dry rot and compromise the strength of the deck at the worst possible spot.

A disk welded to the base of the new eyebolts allows the chainplate to be screwed to the deck, preventing rotation and providing a wider and more stable seal.

3) The original installation used only flat washers under the deck, inside the boat. The small surface area of the washers create point loading that can lead to deck failure. The kit includes stainless steel backing plates for the lower shrouds to spread the load over a larger area to prevent the eyebolts from pulling through or compressing the deck structure.
• Six eyebolts
• Four backing plates, nuts, washers
• Sealant
• A 1/2" cobalt drill bit for drilling the chainplate strap on the main bulkhead is also included.
• Turnbuckle lubricant.

It is essential that the eyebolts be lubricated before installation to prevent galling which can cause the stainless steel parts to seize together.
• Bolt diameter: 1/2"
• Bolt length (below top deck surface): 1-1/2"
• Top plate diameter: 1-7/8"
• Maximum clevis pin diameter: 5/16"
• Backing plate: 2-1/2" X 3-7/8" with clearance hole for 1/2" eyebolt

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