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Hatch Dog Assy Stainless, Pop Top & Fwd Hatch

Part #: Z4534
This upgraded stainless steel hatch dog can be used as a replacement for the original chromed bronze version on all fiberglass forward hatches on all Catalina models including the Catalina 22 built until the end of 1955, all Catalina 22 Sports, Catalina 25, Catalina 250, Catalina 27, Catalina 30 and the Capri 22. It is also used to secure the pop top on the Catalina 22 and Catalina 25. Each assembly arrives with all of the hardware necessary to fasten the dogs to the deck and the hatch lid as pictured above. Now made of Stainless Steel for strength and durability. Sold each.
The original chromed bronze hatch dogs were not made with any great precision. Often the mounting hole spacing varied slightly from part to part. When creating our stainless steel upgrade, we were forced to average the mounting hole spacing measured on a sampling of the bronze dogs. When we tested the new dogs on several boats, mounting hole positions were all close enough not to cause any problems.
Important Safety Check: Early Catalina 22 pop top installations were only equipped with two dogs. The original two are not adequate to safely secure the pop top either while sailing or trailering. Check your boat and verify there are four hatch dogs securing the pop top. If you only have two (one on each side), add two more at the forward edge, one to port, one to starboard.

Important Safety Check: The forward hatches on early Catalina 22s used a different method of securing the hatch closed. They attempted to secure the hatch using the same hatch adjusters that were used to hold the hatch open. The idea never worked properly. Not only does the forward berth get wet whenever you even hose down the deck, but they could cause the boat to sink. In case of a knock-down, the forward hatch could open and fill the boat with water. If you don't have two hatch dogs at the forward edge of your forward hatch, add them immediately.

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