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Galley/Head Mixer Faucet Rebuild Kit

Part #: Z4182
Head mixer faucet rebuild kit for our part Z1924. See "May we also suggest" below for photos of the complete faucet to make sure you are ordering the correct kit.
Compatible with:
• Z2462 Galley Faucet
• Z4179 Head Mixer Faucet Pullman

We decided to offer this kit as these parts will often show signs of wear before the whole faucet needs to be replaced.
• (2) Chrome knobs
• (1) Cap with red trim ring
• (1) Cap with blue trim ring
• (1) Valve body, hot
• (1) Valve body, cold
Dimensions of Cartridge:
• Overall height (not including screw for knob): 49.6mm (~1.95")
• Outside diameter of larger thread: 23.57mm (~.93")
• Outside diameter of smaller thread: 20.50mm (~.81")
• Flats for wrench size: 16mm
• Thread type: all right hand threads