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Hose for Pull-Out Galley or Head Faucet, 6'

Part #: Z2379
Six foot long "Chrome Flex" hose. Includes two circular gaskets with the larger to be used on female end and the smaller on male end of hose.
• Length: 6'
• Handle end of hose: 15/1 metric male thread
• Faucet end of hose: 3/8" female pipe thread
Nominal Pipe sizes do not match any of its actual physical dimensions) thread on supply end (measures 5/8" ID). This replacement part fits the pull out sink faucets in many Catalina sailboats from the Catalina 270 through the Catalina 42. The same hose was used in both the galley and the head.

Caution: Catalina has used several different faucet vendors. Measure your existing hose and compare the dimensions to those in the additional photos below. Some units may have different hoses or fittings. Call our tech support with dimensions of your male fittings if your hose doesn't match this unit.

Technical Support