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Shower Handle Only Head Mixer Faucet & Stand Alone Shower

Part #: Z3590
Head mixer faucet handle only with shower for part Z1924. Replacement for the handle used in the head, often used on the Catalina 30, Catalina 320, Catalina 34, and Catalina 42. Its compact design was used because it is ideal for use in the limited space available on the countertop in the head.
This is also an upgrade/replacement for the shower head/handle used certain Catalina "5" series boats where the shower compartment is isolated from the rest of the head. The original lacked a shutoff valve on the handle. Having a shutoff valve on the handle prevents the temperature from changing when you shut off the flow at the tap and have to guess where it was when you turn it back on. The old handle this one replaces had a white plastic handle that curved toward the actual spray nozzle portion as seen below under "More Images".

The handle consists of a chrome plated brass water conversion valve, white plastic handle, chromed plastic adjustable aerator nozzle, and chrome plated brass elbow. See "May we also suggest below:" should you need the complete faucet.
For over a decade now we have been working with the importer of this product in an attempt to get the Italian manufacturer to package the parts so they arrive in pristine condition. Unfortunately, by they time they get across the Atlantic then across North America they routinely arrive with a small scratch or two in the white plastic grip.

Perhaps this lack of attentiveness explains the source of Italy's sovereign debt crisis. I am perfectly willing, for the right price, to travel to Italy and bring one back for you in my carry on luggage to ensure it is in perfect condition. Unfortunately, barring that level of service, we are not currently able to guarantee you will receive a part that is pristine. Expect a few imperfections in the white plastic handle. C-445

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