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Bilge Pump Service Kit
28 GPM

Part #: Z2956
Service kit for the original equipment pump used on later Catalina 320s, Catalina 34 MkII, and Catalina 36 MkII. Refer to the photo of our number Z2745, 28 GPM pump below for reference and dimensions to determine if this is the pump aboard your boat.
• Primary diaphragm
• Replacement flapper valves for both inlet and outlet
• Critical internal fasteners

Important safety information: From Whale's maintenance instructions: "Regular inspection of the pump is recommended. Rubber components should be replaced if worn or every three years regardless of condition".

See "28 GPM Pump Installation and Maintenance" below under "Technical Support"

Technical Support

28 GPM Pump Installation & Maintenance
The Gusher Titan is designed for mounting on or through deck or bulkhead. The standard model allows considerable ...

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