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Flexible Hose Clamp Driver

Part #: Z4549
This flexible nut driver made by ABA of Sweden is for those really hard to reach hose clamps. The shaft will flex to allow access to hose clamps that are oriented with the screw head behind the hose. Makes removing old clamps so much easier!
Comes with a 7mm (9/32") socket, the size used on all of our all-stainless steel clamps as well as most others on the market.
We have been asked why the socket at the end of this tool isn't removable. There is a good reason.

Typically, when you need this tool the most, it is because the hose clamp screw is inaccessible. It's either around the far side under the sink, on the transom connecting the exhaust where you must stand on your head to reach it, or hidden behind the engine where you are replacing the shaft log hose. In these and many other instances, a removable socket is a problem. After finally getting into position to reach in with one hand to tighten the clamp, if you pull out the driver only to have the socket fall off and hide under the engine or in the bilge... You likely won't be able to retrieve it!