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MareLube Reach 30cc Applicator

Part #: Z3597
Marelube Reach provides a simple delivery method for applying Marelube Valve directly to the moving parts that need regular lubrication. The flexible tube makes it easy to maintain your valves by simply removing the attached hose. It makes it unnecessary to disassemble the valve assembly for maintenance.

MareLube Valve is an advanced lubrication formula refined by Forespar to suit the needs of boaters in maintaining their marine plumbing systems. With its excellent film strength it is far superior to petroleum and white oil based greases - giving better performance and longer service life.

Watch our video below to discover just how much difference MareLube makes when applied to ball valves.

Made from long-lasting synthetic and PTFE-based lubricants, MareLube Valve is formulated using advanced lubrication technology designed to keep marine valve seals and balls working smoothly.

It is a pure synthetic, clear, non-staining and nontoxic lube that is perfect for traditional bronze fittings, as well as all composite plumbing fixtures like Forespar's Marelon parts. Since MareLube is not petroleum based it will not degrade seals and O rings.

Also works well on hinges, tracks and almost anything else that moves. Being a synthetic grease, MareLube operates over a wide temperature range from Tropical to Arctic conditions.

All marine valves require regular lubrication and regular activation of the handle. This application of MareLube should ideally occur and the beginning and end of every boating season. Apply liberally to valves seals, balls and any other moving parts.

The Reach applicator contains 30cc of MareLube Valve lubricant. Also available in 4oz jars (for refill if you like), MareLube Valve is the perfect lubricant for seasonal maintenance aboard to keep things working smoothly.

• Specifically designed for superior lubrication of Marelon, bronze or stainless valves.
• Clear, non-staining and nontoxic lube that works equally well in fresh or salt water
• Keeps moving parts moving and has many lubrication uses around the boat, house or shop.
• Effectively fights corrosion - Non-conductive.
• Operating temperature range -10 deg F to 350 deg F (-24 deg C to 163 deg C).
• Contains no petroleum. A pure synthetic lubricant.
• NSF/USDA H-1 registered, which gives it full acceptability for use in all areas where incidental food or water contact may occur.

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Marelube in Action
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