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ReFresh EcoTank PRO

Part #: Z4706
Just add these granules to the holding tank and add water. The natural formula starts working immediately to control odor and break down solids in the waste tank. It also quickly liquefies paper eliminating the need for special marine-grade toilet paper. It is completely safe for the environment and holding tanks.
This portion-control marine product solves holding tank concerns once and for all! The granules use a unique compound of bio-stimulants and natural bio-accelerants. Drop the granules into the tank, turn on the water, and they rapidly dissolve instantly, becoming a targeted accelerator to the native bacteria in your tank.
• Formaldehyde-free
• Biodegradable
• No masking odor or perfume
• Non-staining color
• Dissolves quickly
• Breaks down waste & paper
• Prevents clogging of components
• Long-term odor control
• Quick dispersion in holding tank
• Long shelf life
• Kid & pet friendly

"In addition to using EcoTank Pro in the holding tank on Shellback, our vintage C30, I found an additional use that makes a noticeable and welcome improvement. I sprinkle a bit of EcoTank Pro on the surface of the bilge water (sea water, fresh water, icebox drain and oil residue). I think it is the oxygen source that does the trick. When we open the boat now, we are greeted by a pleasant scent instead of the previous "old boat smell."

C-30 Shellback
Catalina Direct Consultant
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