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Gate Stanchion Starboard High/Low

Part #: K1806
This stanchion configuration was used on many Catalinas including the Catalina 270, Catalina 28, Catalina 30, Catalina 320, Catalina 34 and Catalina 36. The aft foot mounts on the deck with a 1/2" through-bolt welded into the stanchion and has two holes to mount to the deck. The fwd foot mounts to the toerail with two bolts. Compare with your starboard gate stanchion before ordering as Catalina used more than one gate stanchion on several models without recording the date of the change.

Your original gate stanchion was fabricated from 0.049" thick tubing. Our new replacement is stronger, thicker 0.065" tubing. It has a 90 degree base, 24" high to the top lifeline.
The information below is believed to be correct but it is not complete due to Catalina's incomplete records on the subject. These stanchions may have been used on other models or years that we are not aware of.

Known applications:
• Early Catalina 28's used this gate stanchion but later changed to a gate that had both the main and brace stanchions mounted on top of the toerail.
• Early Catalina 30's used a traditional trapizodal base gate stanchion. Catalina changed the Catalina 30 to this gate stanchion on later hulls, we believe at hull #4726.
• Later models including the Catalina 270, Catalina 310, and Catalina 320 used this design from the outset.

• Total height: 24-1/2"
• Height to center of top lifeline: 24"
• Distance from top of main stanchion to center of weld for support leg: 6-1/2"
• Center of primary leg to center of support leg near bottom: 9-1/2"
• Tubing diameter: 1"
• Fastener diameter: 1/4"

Main Stanchion Base:
• Size: 2-3/4"x3-1/4"
• Thickness: 5/32"
• Fastener spacing: Fore & Aft: 2"

Support Leg Base:
• Size: 3-1/4" x 1"
• Fastener spacing: 2-3/16"