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Stanchion Tapered w/ Vent C-42

Part #: T2042
Tapered stanchion with vent for the Catalina 42. Catalina started using this stanchion around 2001.

The drawn base creates a much stronger connection to the tube as it allows for welds on both sides of the plate, at the top of the flange and the bottom of the tube. Base material is thicker 5/32" plate rather than the original 1/8".
• Height (deck to top lifeline): 27"
• Mounted flat on deck with 1/4" carriage bolts

Stanchion Base:
• Size: 2-3/4" (short base) x 4" (long base) x 3"
• Thickness: 5/32"
• Fastener spacing:
     Fore & Aft: 1-7/8" (short base), 3-1/8" (long base)
     Athwartship: 2-1/16" center to center