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Videos / Books

With our detailed how-to videos, we can assist each of you with your onboard projects wherever you sail. You can see exactly how our kits are installed and how useful projects are completed with professional results.

We've combined an Emmy Award winning video production staff and well over 100 years of sailing experience to create high quality, easy to understand "how to" videos. You'll see the subject through the eyes of experienced Catalina 22 sailors.

All videos were produced using Catalina 22's. In most cases, upgrade projects on your 25 are the same as the 22, the parts are just bigger on your boat. Specifics, measurements for example, may not be correct for the Catalina 25.

C-22 Owner's Handbook
C-25 Owner's Handbook
Video Projects DVD
Volume I
Book "Basic Keelboat"
Owner's Manual, C-25
Owner's Manual, C-15
Owner's Manual, C-27
Owner's Manual, C-270
Owner's Manual, C-28 MkI
Owner's Manual, C-28 MkII
Owner's Manual, C-30
Owner's Manual, C-320
Owner's Manual, C-34 MkII
Owner's Manual, C-36
Owner's Manual, C-42
Owner's Manual, C-440
Owner's Manual, CP-16.5