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User Installed Compression Fitting Video

User Installed Compression Fitting Video

This helpful video shows you how to properly assemble the user installed compression fittings used in our Trim-2-Fit standing rigging kits.

A giant fitting is used used so you can clearly see all of the componenets. Don't thinnk you will be using one this big unless you are assembling a harness to launch your Catalina 42 using a crane!



Upper Shrouds, Trim-2-Fit, C-350
Backstay, Trim-2-Fit, C-27
Backstay, Trim-2-Fit,
Forestay, Trim-2-Fit, C-25
Forestay, Trim-2-Fit, C-320
Forestay, Trim-2-Fit, C-38
Forestay, Trim-2-Fit, C-387
Forestay, Trim-2-Fit,