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Author Much Better
Stamford, CT

Boat Name: Au Contraire

Model/Year: Catalina 22 1986

Hull No. 13325

Hailing Port: Stamford
01/02/2004 2:00 PM Pacific Time

This is much better than that mailing list. Once you get the kinks ironed out and the users acclimated, this will be much easier to peruse, read and respond to.
Chuck Bennett
Dothan, Alabama

Boat Name: Mya Scape

Model/Year: C-22SK 1982

Hull No. 10592

Hailing Port: Bagby Marina, Lake Eufaula, Ft. Gaines, Georgia
01/03/2004 8:23 AM Pacific Time

I agree, maybe know we can stay on sailing and leave personal discussions and politics out.
Chip Ford
Marblehead, MA

Boat Name: Chip Ahoy

Model/Year: 1974-Swing Keel

Hull No. CTY032820374

Hailing Port: Marblehead, Mass.
01/04/2004 2:13 PM Pacific Time

I looks like this new forum is finally working, at least it seems to be. Setting up anything new web-based takes time, a lot of trial-and-error. I just got through doing it as webmaster of our orgnization, switching from one provider to another and moving out website. It was hell for close to a week but now I couldn't be happier -- both that I finally did it ... and that it's all behind me now!

I had signed up on the first day but had all the headaches everyone else did right up to this morning, when at last the error messages were replaced by the thread. But still, there was no way to post a comment, and nowhere to find out how to. So I wrote Dick King off-list and he told me to sign up all over again, so I just did. When I went back to the discussion list and chose this one, there it was -- a way to join the discussion and I'm looking finally at a "Submit" button right below this window!!! I've got my fingers crossed that it works when I get done typing and click on it!

Let's see ...

Chip Ford --
Marblehead, Mass.
1974 C22 #3282 - "Chip Ahoy"

Boat Name:


Hull No.

Hailing Port:
01/04/2004 3:20 PM Pacific Time

This is excellent! Way better than the cumbersome List Serve with the scrambled HTML and MIME encoded posts.
Congrats to Lowell....... and all concerned!

Patrick O'Brien
Cat22 Stardust
Colden NY

Boat Name:


Hull No.

Hailing Port:
01/04/2004 4:41 PM Pacific Time

I'm getting two of everything right now - is everyone else getting it? Also, I unsubscribed to both daily and hourly notices and I'm still getting them...

Also, the message window is larger than that portion of thescreen reserved for it (i.e. I get horizintal scroll bars at the bottom) that would make it easier to read the messgaes...

If there is a way to get messages offline, I'd certainly prefer that... I'm not always connected when I check email.

Whil I'm on a roll: spell check would be graet! :p

C-22 10544
Leschi, WA
Erv Zimmerman
Anchor Bay Shores, Michigan

Boat Name: Adventuring

Model/Year: 1973

Hull No. 1787

Hailing Port: Anchor Bay, Lake St. Clair
01/04/2004 6:29 PM Pacific Time

I also unsubscribed from both the hourly and daily notices. Now I seem to be getting all of the hourly notices once a day, all at the same time. Can't be sure cause I've been busy & haven't logged into my e-mail too often today..

Haven't decided whether I like this new system better than the old & maybe never will. I think it will be much easier and less time consuming to administer once all of the bugs worked out.

Question: What do you call a program after all of the bugs are fixed?

Answer: Nothing. There ain't no such thing!

Erv Zimmerman
Adventuring C22 #1787
Indianapolis, Indiana

Boat Name: Summer Zamboni

Model/Year: 1985?

Hull No. 13100

Hailing Port: Geist Marina, Indianapolis
01/05/2004 2:37 PM Pacific Time

Lowell-- Thanks so much for keeping this thing going, and all of the hard work setting up this new format. Although as a loyal republican who has taken an absolute vow to oppose any sort of change of any type, I may be heard to gripe about this change, please have the good sense to ignore me as this fomat looks neat. Thanks again.

Vic Indiano
Summer Zamboni
Steve Morgan
Bayport , NY

Boat Name: no name yet

Model/Year: 1988 wing keel

Hull No. #14444

Hailing Port: Bayport NY
01/06/2004 7:15 AM Pacific Time

Just seeing if I can post from work. My old isp let me access my e mails from work but not post..and I didnt really want to have to register another e mail account.

Steve Morgan

Boat Name:


Hull No.

Hailing Port:
08/01/2005 7:00 PM Pacific Time

just ck'in to see if the board is fully fuctional after the malfuntion we all expereienced today
Chip Lee
Utica, NY

Boat Name: Martha Pearl

Model/Year: 1980 C-22

Hull No. #9742

Hailing Port: Black River Bay, NY
08/02/2005 5:55 AM Pacific Time

Seems to be...
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