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Author Installing Roller Furling

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05/08/2004 7:07 AM Pacific Time

I have a Harken roller furling system for a small boat and am having trouble getting it to work. The top has a crane that is at a right angle to the small roller. Harken told me the crane (has holes for pining) goes around the forestay. The directions for the drum at the bottom seem to differ from what seems logical. The sail has its own wire and when opening rotates clockwise. Shouldn't the line roll up on the drum as the sail come open? That would mean it would be on the port side when pulling the sail back in-right? Each time I try to work the sail the top wraps around the forestay instead of rolling on the sleeve. Should I pull all line out of the roller and then pull the sail open (unfurl) and let the line wrap itself up on the drum? I am not sure this makes sense but can't find good directions on Harken site or on the Catalina tech CD. I'd be happy to call someone if they would offer me help.
Michael Smalter
Webster, NY

Boat Name: Marrakesh

Model/Year: 1986

Hull No. 13645

Hailing Port: Rochester, NY
05/08/2004 12:59 PM Pacific Time

I have a Schaeffer Snap Furl. Before I hoist the sail, all the line is on the furler drum except what it takes to lead it back to the cockpit. After hoisting the sail, I pull on the furler line to furl the sail, then cleat it off to prevent it from unfurling in the wind. When I want to deploy the sail, I uncleat the furler line, and unfurl the sail by pulling on one of the jib sheets.

Note: If you have a UV panel, make sure the initial wind on the drum causes the UV panel to be on the outside when furled.

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05/10/2004 6:27 AM Pacific Time

I believe I have most of the problem figured out. Appears that Harken gave me wrong directions. My only problem at this point is the Harken Cruising Swivel (#436) which wants to wrap itself around the forestay each time I furl the sail. (See the piece in the Boat US catalog pg 947 at the bottom.) I clipped my jib halyard to the hole closet to the stay and wonder if that is causing the problem.
Scott Sauve
Newmarket, NH

Boat Name: LaVoile

Model/Year: 1989 Wing Keel

Hull No. 14609

Hailing Port: Sunset Marina-Portland, ME
05/10/2004 3:09 PM Pacific Time

Does your system have a foil that the luff of your jib slides into, or is there a wire in the luff of the sail with loops at the top and bottom that attaches to the roller units.

All the furlers I have seen on a c-22 are the foil type. I think some small dinghy type boats may use the wire only set on a 420.

I installed a Schaefer Snap-furl last spring, so if I can be of more help, let me know.
Steve Morgan
Bayport , NY

Boat Name: no name yet

Model/Year: 1988 wing keel

Hull No. #14444

Hailing Port: Bayport NY
05/10/2004 5:39 PM Pacific Time

I just got back from putting my sail onto my cdi furler. When I first start to furl the sail, I really have to pull HARD until it makes the first turn. I have a foam luff on my headsail and it almost seems I have to roll it over the 'hump', gaining speed on the way back around and then it requires another good pull to get the foam luff over the forestay again. Nothing seems to be binding and I put the adjustable back stay on full to tighten the forestay as much as possible. After some of the sail is on the furler (3 or 4 turns), it gets easier and more uniform in pressure. Just wondering if this is normal, I dont want to force the furler.


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05/18/2004 7:16 PM Pacific Time

Scott S. My system has the wire in the luff of the sail. I am beginning to think the problem is the wire in the sail as I cannot lay the sail out without it wanting to curl up. My drums both roll freely so it is a mystery to me as to why this thing is being so difficult. I wish I did have the track system but I don't. So at this point I guess I'll try to sell it and go back to what I am familiar with - then hank on. I am going to look for a 130-135% in good condition and at a good price.
Bayard Gross
Greenwich, CT

Boat Name: Baby Blue

Model/Year: 1981

Hull No. 9911

Hailing Port: Greenwich, CT
05/24/2004 3:54 PM Pacific Time


The particular Harken unit that you are trying to use is all wrong for a Catalina 22.

This unit uses the luff of the jib as though it were a forestay. On boats bigger than about fourteen feet, it is really only employed for accessory jibs (either small storm stay sails or light wind spinnaker sized genoas) that are not placed onto the forestay.

Assuming you still have your forestay attached, I have great difficulty understanding how you are able to use it at all.

And if by chance you did remove your forestay to operate this furler, I really don’t think you should expect the luff of your jib to act as a forestay to hold up the mast head rigged twenty-five foot mast of your Catalina 22. In my opinion, this can easily result in a disaster.

I understand how easy it may be for inexperienced persons to read the media regarding this unit and to conclude, albeit wrongly, that it would be good for a Catalina 22. It is true that racing vessels larger than a C-22 use this unit, but it is employed in very specific applications and is not for the vessel’s general working jibs that are attached to the forestay.

A Catalina 22 uses a furler with an extrusion that goes around the forestay with a drum on the bottom that rotates around the turnbuckle. Most of these use a swivel attached to the jib head and jib halyard that rides up the extrusion when hoisting the jib and then rotates as the furler is furled or unfurled. The exception is the CDI which has an internal halyard identical in operation to the main sail halyard.

Catalina Direct offers at least three different furlers for the Catalina 22. Each has its costs, merits, and disadvantages which need be examined by the prospective purchaser.
Chip Lee
Utica, NY

Boat Name: Martha Pearl

Model/Year: 1980 C-22

Hull No. #9742

Hailing Port: Black River Bay, NY
05/25/2004 10:27 AM Pacific Time


Ahah! It seems you have the same mis-applied furler as I have. There is not enough clearance behind the forestay for the drum to operate and the top roller wants to wrap the sail around the forestay because the forestay and halyard are parallel and too close together.

I finally gave up trying to use it and I'm currently using the hank-on jibs I have until I can purchase one that fits a C-22. I have no idea how the previous owner ever got it to work, and he was very vague when asked about it. I suspect he hoisted the genoa free-flying (not attached to the forestay), as it was well-used but showed no sun fade anywhere.

If you look in C-22/sails/ at the roller furling conversation started by Patrick O'Brien, the members gave us some great advice on the characteristics of different furlers that fit the C-22. Hope this helps you.

Chip lee

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07/05/2004 7:49 PM Pacific Time

I solved the problem! I got rid of the roller furling and sent the sail in to have hanks put on. Actually I think it will work out just fine and Baynard's advice makes a lot of sense. I concur that this system is NOT for the C222 (or any other boat). I really got frustrated with trying different methods and I am delighted to know I was correct in my thinking. I have sailed the great lakes with all hank on sails and in sudden storms have never had a problem dropping a foresail quickly. Putting up another sail (storm or small jib) is another story but do able. Thanks for all the input. I have had inquiries on sellig the furling system but am hesitant to do so now that I am better informed. I don't want to put someone else in a bad situation or have someone upset over buying it. Good luck to those of you who continue to try! If you read this and STILL think you want to buy my roller system email me at [email protected]. At least you'll know what you are getting into.
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