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05/08/2005 7:09 PM Pacific Time

Hello everyone,
I have a 1986 swing keel and am going to install an in-hull depth finder, just forward of the keel. The instructions do not reccommend installing the puck on top of a cored hull. I remember that some hulls are cored around the keel to provide stiffness. So, is the hull cored and can anyone tell me the location of the stiffeners?
Thanks very much,
Jack Heisler
Chip Ford
Marblehead, MA

Boat Name: Chip Ahoy

Model/Year: 1974-Swing Keel

Hull No. CTY032820374

Hailing Port: Marblehead, Mass.
05/09/2005 3:17 AM Pacific Time

Jack, I installed a Humminbird Piranha Max15 "fishfinder" aboard Chip Ahoy last year. It came with a transom-mount transducer, but Humminbird graciously exchanged it (even swap) for a puck transducer. I epoxied it into the bottom of the most aft compartment beneath the v-berth, where it worked great all last season. For a photo see:

I, like most C22 owners, am reluctant to cut holes below the waterline -- creating an unnecessary leak potential. Many of us have gone the puck route with complete satisfaction. Some swear by mounting the puck in a gob of bees wax instead of using permanent epoxy, as it permits you to move the puck around until you find a satisfactory location.

Chip Ford --
Marblehead, Mass.
1974 Swing Keel "Chip Ahoy" #3282
Chip Ahoy website:
Bob Conway
Huber Heights, Ohio

Boat Name: Spindrift

Model/Year: C22/1979

Hull No. #8717

Hailing Port: Buck Creek, Ohio
05/09/2005 6:21 AM Pacific Time


Definitely DO NOT put in a thru-hull! Like Chip said, the transducer will read throught the hull just fine. I have the same Hummingbird fish finder. I used the transom mount transducer and used silicon to attach it to the hull in the v-berth area. I did that as a temporary set-up 3 years ago and it still works great. A friend of mine always says, "Why do you want to turn a great sailboat into a submarine?"

Wes Van Nurden
Chippewa Falls, WI

Boat Name: Puddle Jumper

Model/Year: C-22 1982

Hull No. 11164

Hailing Port: Lake Wissota, Chippewa Falls, WI
05/13/2005 6:51 AM Pacific Time

I've also added a depth finder this year (hummingbird, dash mount style). I haven't tested it yet (It's Cold here yet in Wisconsin so I'm still trying
to wax the boat, but need warm weather for the wax to dry).

I use a wax toilet ring (~$1.00) as suggested by someone. I munched it up into a ball and flattened it out on the location and stuck the transducer in it. Appears to be quite solid, but we'll see how well it works when I get it
in the water
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