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Jim Mo...
Kingsville TX

Boat Name: "Frozen Fire" Maybe, We'll Sea~~~

Model/Year: Catalin 22, 1980

Hull No. CTYH9984M81C

Hailing Port: Corpus Christi, TX
07/02/2005 2:52 PM Pacific Time

Hi. I just bought an old C-22, swing keel.

I have removed every piece of wood on the boat as most of it needs help.

The main concern is the chain plate attachpoints. Where the chain plates attach, at the front of the cabin, those pieces of wood have rotton areas and they are no longer strong. I have pulled the rig down and am replacing the standing rigging. I have pulled the chain plates and need to replace that wood. Can I order these 2 pieces or will I be manufacturing them myself? I saw on this board the plates themselves are suspect after a time. Shall I eplace them as well? What other HW shall I be replacing since I am doing this? What parts does Cd sell?

I am having a local rigger replace the rigging. Am also having a local make new cushons. I will be buyng an OB and Catalina said the correct motor for the boat is 6-9.9 hp w/ 20" LONG shaft. I have to remount the motor mount as there were no backing plates and there were so many holes back there, well, I just need to know where to put the mount.

Any input is welcome. I am basically refitting the whole boat.


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Hull No.

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07/02/2005 3:13 PM Pacific Time

I just replaced the starboard bulkhead on my 1986 c22. It had years of water intrusion and was pulling up from where it was bolted at the base do to rot. It was also crushing at the top where it was compressing and bulging out as it pulled against the cabin top. I replaced it with birch plywood which has a nice grain. I stained it to match the teak in the boat. You can't tell the difference. By the way, teak plywood 1/2" will cost you almost $300 for a 4x8 piece. Birch is the best choice for me!
Sandy Bottoms
John Flato

Boat Name:

Model/Year: 1984

Hull No. 12030

Hailing Port: Shoreacres, TX
07/03/2005 9:16 AM Pacific Time

There have been many discussions about outboards on this thread. Here is my summary:
1) Class rules require a 4 hp or more outboard that weighs 40 or more pounds. If you plan to race, don't get more motor than you need and get one that weighs as close to 40 lbs as possible.
2) While 4 hp is adequete, many C22 owners prefer slightly more hp. You can get a 5 or 6 hp engine that will push the boat along nicely that weights 60 lbs or less. A motor that weighs more that 60 lbs is a hassle. You may want to remove it for trailering or for servicing.
3) Yes that boat will handle 9.9 hp, but unless you plan on using it in an area with a lot of current or wave actions or just like the extra hp because you plan to carry a lot of weight, I would consider it overkill. Also the 9.9 hp will weigh a lot more. The extra weight in the stern causes the stern of the boat to drag and affects performance.

Just my 2 cents.
Scott Tomlinson
Windermere FL

Boat Name:

Model/Year: 1984

Hull No.

Hailing Port: Cocoa
07/03/2005 12:17 PM Pacific Time

Do us a favor and let us know how much your project boat cost. My local Catalina 22 dealer says his new Catalina 22 Sport will actually cost less than throwing cash endlessly at an older old boat.

I just spent over $400 making sure the swing keel stays attached to the boat and I still have an old rusty swing keel that could never perform like the new Sport swing keel. I still need a new rudder, tiller, paint job, new winches, lines, sails, rigging, boarding ladder. Soon my endless projects could easily easily match a new boat price....

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07/04/2005 4:25 AM Pacific Time

See:: "The cost for my own hole in the ocean - The running cost of a 'good deal'"

After three years, I'm up to $20,410.46 -- probably a record!

Buy a new boat! Finance it if you must and save in the end, at least get more of your investment back! I will next time, if I can ever afford a next time!

I had it surveyed last year for insurance before taking off on my month's cruise up the coast of Maine. "Present Value: $9,800; Replacement Value: $27,000." I had it insured for the max available: $9,800. The only way I'll ever see that kind of money from Chip Ahoy is if it sinks!!!

Chip Ford --
Marblehead, Mass.
1974 Swing Keel "Chip Ahoy" #3282
Chip Ahoy website:

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