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Author Bedding compound
Kevin and Pat
Miranda, CA

Boat Name: HOPE

Model/Year: Catalina 22 1971

Hull No. #403

Hailing Port: Miranda, CA
11/10/2005 8:55 PM Pacific Time

What is the recommended formula for water proofing thru deck and cabin top fittings?
Al Gearing
Burleson, Texas

Boat Name: Torch of Freedom

Model/Year: C-22 '76

Hull No. 6448

Hailing Port: Arlington YC
11/11/2005 3:21 AM Pacific Time

I like the old Dolphinite, I think by Interlux. It is like 'wet patch' that you use on roofs in the rain, only it is white. However, almost any of the tubes of caulk will do. Try an get the none hardening variety.
Al Ge
R. C. Luiken
Milford, DE

Boat Name: Ricochet

Model/Year: C-22 Swing Keel/1986

Hull No. 13560

Hailing Port: Milford, DE/St. Michaels, MD
11/12/2005 4:45 PM Pacific Time

I use 3M 4200. When you rebed anything use pleny of sealant. Tighten part of the way. Let it cure for 12 hours or more and snug up firm. That way you don't sqeeze the sealant out. It will last much longer and it will not leave a mess to clean up.
Jan P.
Grapevine, TX

Boat Name: Being Time

Model/Year: 1974 C22 Poptop/swing keel

Hull No. 4244

Hailing Port: Grapevine
11/13/2005 6:40 AM Pacific Time

This is a project that I'm going to do on the 74 Catalina I have. It has damage on the Port side where the side stays attach, due to lack of knowledge at the time the boats were built. They changed the way the deck fittings go in sometime in the 80s.

Here's how Don Casey recommends waterproofing your deck fittings. First you must remove all of the fittings. Label what goes where with small sandwich bags for the smaller pieces and sharpie markers -- and masking tape and sharpie for the larger parts.

Drill out the holes a size larger than needed for the fittings. Put duct tape on the underside. Fill with epoxy. (West Systems, System Three, etc), when hardened sufficiently, drill out the right size for your through bolt, and put a healthy amount of caulk in the hole before inserting your bolt. Don't screw it all the way in, or you will force all of the caulking out. 24 hours later, when the caulk is cured, tightened down your through bolts. You should be nice and secure. More info see Don Casey's "Old Boat Book" I can't remember if it's Good Old Boat or This Old Boat. Or his deck and hull repair.

This should fix any leaks from the deck and as my boat shows, prevents dry rot in the deck at essential points for safety.

Good luck.
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