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Author Cleaning the hull

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01/30/2004 5:32 AM Pacific Time

I wanted to get the opinions of the board as to what works (and doesn't work) to clean fiberglass. I've got some stains and mildew than are fighting my efforts. Any help is appreciated.


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03/09/2004 8:41 AM Pacific Time

I usred some stuff called "I love my boat" It reminds me of window cleaner (blue and smells liek ammonia). Take teh boat to a pressure car washer, the coin operated type. Put the cleaner in a garden sprayer and cover the deck. Let stand for about 5-10 minutes. Scrub soiled spots while waiting. Then pressure wash (be careful of your wood work!). Should be nice and clean!

Heidi Heidel
Fredericksburg, VA

Boat Name: Interim

Model/Year: 1973

Hull No. 2212

Hailing Port: Colonial Beach, VA
04/19/2004 12:12 PM Pacific Time

On a whim one day on my way to the boat, I grabbed the cleaner I had in the tub at home too see if it MIGHT work. Turns out it works wonders. I now swear by Lysol mildew remover which was originally intended for bathrooms. I used that and one of those sponge on one side, green scrubby on the other, and it work on the inside and deck of the boat. I went through about 4 bottle doing all of my boat.
Uwe Behrendt
Rutland Vermont

Boat Name: Joyful

Model/Year: 1977 C22

Hull No. 7200

Hailing Port: Plunder Bay Orwell VT
11/05/2005 2:27 AM Pacific Time

Need running water on board when anchored or at the dock for cleaning? Here is a trick I learned last summer Buy a cheap billage pump, some old garden hose, a cigarette lighter outlet 2 clamps and your all set. Assemble them, hang the pump off over the rail and plug it in. WALA ,running water.

Michael Smalter
Webster, NY

Boat Name: Marrakesh

Model/Year: 1986

Hull No. 13645

Hailing Port: Rochester, NY
11/05/2005 11:22 AM Pacific Time

I use Soft Scrub with bleach. I don't have running water, but a 2 gallon bucket on a short line does fine.
Lee Scott
Birmingham, AL

Boat Name: Shoot the Breeze

Model/Year: C22 - 1981

Hull No. 10212

Hailing Port: Lay Lake
11/07/2005 8:10 AM Pacific Time

Be very careful with what you clean the hull if the boat's in the water. While docked at the marina in Venice, FL, I was watching a guy with a huge sailing catamaran scub and clean his boat with what looked like 4-5 different commercially available cleaners. He was scrubbing up lots of suds, and then hosing the boat off. The marine police happened to cruise by, and they nailed the guy with at least 5 separate fines for polluting the waters. From the look on his face as they were chewing him out, I got the distict impression that it was going to be very expensive!
Artur Piotrowski
Burlington, Ct

Boat Name: Spirit

Model/Year: C22 1986

Hull No. 13485

Hailing Port: Bantam, Ct
11/07/2005 7:02 PM Pacific Time

I'm happy for him.
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