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04/05/2006 2:19 PM Pacific Time

I just bought a Navman speed instrument and it came with a removable sensor in the through hull. Also, it says in the literature that you cannot paint the paddlewheel. This implys to me that you are supposed to remove the paddlewheel when the boat is in the water and not sailing. This does not seem prudent. What are your opinions and my other options? Thanks for your input.
Dick King
Melbourne, FL

Boat Name: Twilight Zone

Model/Year: Sport/2005

Hull No. 15546

Hailing Port: Melbourne, FL
04/06/2006 5:43 AM Pacific Time

The sending unit (with the paddle wheel) is designed to be removed. Back off the tightening ring and pull the handle on the sending unit. DONOT PULL THE SIGNAL CABLE. On the one I had on my previous boat ('78), I had a plug for the thru hull. Have the plug readily available and insert it in the thru hull as the sensor pulls out. The first time replacing one with the other, can be a little daunting as you are facing a column of water spurting through the open thru hull as you swap them. However, I only got a gallon or two the first time I did it. Just make sure the plug is in the same orientation as the sensor (there are alignment ridges on each.) After a couple of times, you will be able to do it with only a quart of water coming in.

If you can haul the boat, you might want to practice the exchange a few times, just to make sure you have the procedure down and that the plug fits properly.
Michael Smalter
Webster, NY

Boat Name: Marrakesh

Model/Year: 1986

Hull No. 13645

Hailing Port: Rochester, NY
04/06/2006 4:45 PM Pacific Time

I have a SR Mariner Knotmeter with a removeable sending unit. I keep the boat in the water and only pull the sending unit when it stops working (usually due to zebra mussels). I pull it once or twice a season.
Olathe, KS

Boat Name: Sweet Lilly

Model/Year: Catalina 22/1988

Hull No.

Hailing Port: Perry Lake, KS
04/08/2007 7:59 AM Pacific Time

I am installing a knot meter and have a question about the thru-hull placement.
I am aware that turbulance from other features is a consideration for accuracy, but access to the speed sensor/wheel is also important. I am wondering just how close (behind) the depth transponder/sink drain and how far away (side) from the wing keel would be acceptable. If I place the speed sensor infront of the other thru-hulls, then access to the sensor is very restricted. The ideal location, from an access point of view, would be about 15" behind the other thru-hulls and about 12" (I could go as far as 18" and still have water contact when heeling-I think) port of the wing keel. This would put it under one of the table seats, with easy access to switch out and cleaning.
Anyone have thoughts????
Chris Carobene
Port Saint Lucie, FL

Boat Name: Celeritas

Model/Year: 1988 C-22

Hull No. CTYH4500J788

Hailing Port: Fort Pierce, FL
04/10/2007 5:44 PM Pacific Time

I am installing a knot-meter as well. I am considering placing the paddlewheel behind the fresh water tank, just off centerline. Is this too far forward?
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